Chrysler Town & Country headlights assembly.

Chrysler Town & Country headlights

This van was a more luxurious version of the popular Voyager. There was released the third generation of these minivans in 2000. The company responded to the increased competition in the market of machines of this class very quickly. The specialists have significantly updated the look and the engineering equipment and power units which capacity has increased from 150 to 220 horsepower.

After the release of the North American version, the European modification of the Chrysler Voyager was submitted. The fifth generation of minivans Chrysler town & Country V was presented in 2007. The new model is equipped with three new power trains — 3.3 l, 3.8 l and 4.0 l.

The design adds sharp notes, which are borrowed from Chrysler Pacifica, and benefit from it, and of course Chrysler Town and Country headlights. The layout of the seats is very good that only benefit the convenience of the already comfortable cabin. Also the interior design is different and significantly better than the competitors have. Modification: Town & Country III 3.8 I V6, Town & Country IV 3.8 V6 engine.