Chrysler Pacifica headlights assembly. Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights for Chrysler.

Chrysler Pacifica headlights

The Full-sized Pacifica universal crossovers were first presented at NAIAS'2002 in Detroit as a concept car and it puzzled the visitors. It was not clear to which class the novelty was included: for Sport Utility model the Pacifica car has got too small clearance, and for ordinary cars the car is rather massive (5049х1999х1689 mm, wheelbase - 2954 mm). In short, we’ve got the car that combines comfort and handling of full-sized sedan with spacious cabin and spirit of SUV.

It is noteworthy that this model is completely identical to the concept, which is rare. Serial production was started a year later, in January 2003 at a plant in Windsor (Ontario). For launching new models the company invested nearly 460 million of dollars.

In the cabin there are three rows of seats, two in each, for six passengers, an interesting innovation, which Chrysler is proud of. Landing is very comfortable as well as Chrysler Pacifica headlights. Rather big salon seems more due to the abundance of light – the roof of Pacifica is almost all-glass.

Under the hood of Pacifica there is 24-valve V6 engine with capacity of 3.5-liters and producing 250 horsepower, which is paired with automatic transmission with AutoStick sequential shift ability.

Under the hood of this car there is a 24-valve power unit of V-6 in the volume of which is 3.5-liters, and its power is 250 horsepower. This engine works in conjunction with automatic gearbox of Auto Stick, this box can switch to manual control. Both details were borrowed from the Chrysler 300M. Pedals can be easily adjusted. There is self-leveling independent suspension, it is multi-link in front of the car and Mac McPherson is in back of the car. The wheels are 50R19/255.

Chrysler Pacifica 2006 offers 2 types of engine: the standard one of 3.8 l V-6 12V (212 HP, 324 NBM) for front-drive models and 3.5 l V-6 24V (252 HP, 338 NBM) for modification of Pacifica Touring FWD and all-wheel drive versions. Test drive of Chrysler Pacifica engine Power reaches 255 HP at 6000 RPMs for a minute, torque is 360 nm at 4200 rpm. Updated checkpoint increases the efficiency of the motor by 30%, boosting speed of low speed power units and letting the car to harder accelerate at the start. In addition to a new aluminum engine, the Chrysler Pacifica, a photo of which you see, is equipped with independent suspension, electronic stability control, engine electronic throttle control, traction control braking system and a parking assistant with rear view camera, as well as curtain airbags and side airbags along the perimeter of the area, 2-chamber Aragami in the front, as well as an additional airbag that protects the driver's knees. The car received 5 stars for side and frontal crash tests of NHTSA, it was also given 4 stars for resistance to rollover. As before, the model line-up includes the Chrysler Pacifica Touring with station wagon which is available in both full-and front-wheel drive version, as well as in various configurations.

Chrysler Pacifica Halogen headlights Black, OEM Style. Projector halo black clear.

Chrysler Pacifica Halogen headlights

The appearance of the Chrysler Pacifica is also recognizable: the main headlights are of standard form, there is a big chrome trim in the front of the hood, integrated fog LED headlights, 3 clear strips on the radiator grille and the winged logo of Chrysler above it. The firm has developed 9 stylish colors of body for Chrysler Pacifica 2007.

Chrysler Pacifica LED headlights. LED, xenon, HID oem headlight lamp assembly.

Chrysler Pacifica LED headlights

The encountered problems:

  • Pacifica 2004: some of the motors could stall during certain operating conditions;
  • Pacifica 2004: in certain situations, it may be a separation of the fuel line, which leads to the leakage of gasoline and the risk of occurrence of fire;
  • Pacifica 2005: HID headlights start flashing, and after that and they fail;
  • Pacifica is not so spacious inside, as it may seem. Acceleration will unlikely impress you because this model is more like a heavy minivan.

But still, this car is made better than many crossovers, and looks more stylish when compared with minivans, accept, of course, the deluxe variations of the latest models.