Chrysler Grand Voyager headlights assembly. Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights for Chrysler.

Chrysler Grand Voyager headlights

The minivan was produced by the Chrysler Corporation. The sales of Voyager started in 1988 in Europe. Voyager is almost a complete copy of Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. The extended version is called Chrysler Grand Voyager. There is also a military execution for the countries of South Africa with tanks of increased capacity with a capacity of 340 and 290 liters.

The front panel of the auto looks simple enough but it is solid. The effect is increased by pseudo-wood inserts of bright colors But the euphoria passes when you only touch the plastic: joints are uneven; the material is unpleasant to the touch. It is not a problem for the American market – its buyer is indifferent to the quality of finish. The most important that the car is large with Chrysler Grand Voyager headlights, it has got bulky engine and it is soft.

All these requirements are satisfied by Voyage. The engine in volume is of 3,8 liters and output - of 193 HP, Unfortunately it hasn’t got much energy. Any attempt to sharply accelerate is doomed to failure. The reason of it may be the automatic transmission or the environmental settings of the engine, but the dynamics is expected to be more substantial. Well, due to the torque of 305 N. m the car is almost not sensitive to the load. And this is very important for multiple autos.

The design of the car is made in the corporate style of the American company of Chrysler. There are a large glass area, slim pillars and lots of chrome elements. Due to this fact Voyager looks solid although the overall design is already outdated. But that's not the point; the experts are interested in the appearance of minivans much less than in their functionality.

Chrysler Grand Voyager LED headlights, black Halo LED Projector DRL Headlight.

Voyager LED headlights

Passenger seat can be automatically folded in a special niche, converting thirty seconds seven-seat passenger van into a cargo car with a completely flat floor. The owner of such a vehicle is in danger of becoming lazy.

As for the controls, they are mostly executed in the standard way for American cars. The hardest thing is to get used to restart the left arm, which takes control of the "turn signals" LED headlights, "wipers" and washers.

Chrysler Voyager HID headlights, HID KIT black housing headlight.

Chrysler Voyager HID headlights

Under the hood of Chrysler Grand Voyager 2017 you will see V-shaped 6-cylinder 24-valve petrol atmospheric engine with fuel injection, meeting the environmental requirements of Euro 5. The displacement of the engine is equal to 3.6 liters, and maximum power reaches 283 HP. It works in tandem with 6-speed “automatic” transmission on the front drive. The maximum speed of the upgraded van is 210 km/h and it can be dispersed to the first "hundred" for 8,5 seconds.

Technical equipment.

The technical equipment of Chrysler Grand Voyager is admirable. It includes a keyless access when you start the motor, installed rear sensors for safe parking, the reversing camera, providing excellent visibility, system of dynamic stabilization, stability of motion when connecting the trailer, the automatic adjustment of clearance and automatic activation of dipped-beam headlamps, rain sensor, climate control system and cruise control. Chrysler Grand Voyager 2017 is equipped with heated front seats and second row seats, and steering wheel with amplifier and control system of "blind" zones.


Central console is equipped with a touch screen the diagonal of which is 6.5 inches, allowing you to control multimedia system with built-in hard drive, which includes nine powerful speakers with sub-woofer It is also important that Chrysler Grand Voyager 2017 has a powerful navigation system.

Thus, although Chrysler Grand Voyager 2017 has positioned itself as a family minivan with a roomy trunk (the volume of which is 3912 l if the rear seats are folded), it is a rather imposing, stylish and elegant car which will cause a genuine admiration of other motorists.